Missing Outlook


I have the Microsoft Office Suite installed on my computer, but I cannot find Microsoft Outlook.


  • Windows 7+
    • Microsoft Office
      • Miscrosoft Outlook


  1. Click Start .
  2. Type
     Control Panel 
  3. Press Enter
  4. In the View by: menu, select Large icons.
  5. Click on Programs and Features.
  6. Right click on Microsoft Office Professional Plus.
  7. Click Change.
  8. Click add or remove features.
  9. Click the drop down menu on Microsoft Outlook.
  10. Select run all from my computer.
  11. Let the process complete.
  12. Click close.

 Note: If you do not see Microsoft Office Professional Plus from step 6 above, you may have to install Microsoft Office on your computer. Please see the related articles for installing Microsoft Office on your computer. 

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