Dropping a Student Due to Non-Attendance


How do I drop a student from a course due to non-attendance?


  • TopNet
    • Student Registration


The student in question needs to be manually removed from the course and course roster due to non-attendance. 


Typically speaking, the instructor of the course can complete this action via TopNet. However, it is urged that the instructor contact the office associate for his/her area and the WKU Office of the Registrar as there are additional requirements that need to be met and completed in order to properly drop a student for non-attendance. Once the student has been dropped for non-attendance their account will be removed from systems like WKU Blackboard after the records are updated and synced. 
Note: If you need to drop a student for non-attendance past the two-week introduction period to each semester you must speak with the WKU Office of the Registrar to complete this process properly. 
  1. Log into TopNet
  2. Click Faculty Services
  3. Click Drop for Non-Attendance Worksheet
  4. Select the appropriate term, if prompted. 
  5. Select the correct CRN/Course for the student that needs to be dropped. 
  6. Click Submit
  7. Locate the student on the roster shown, and select the option to Drop For Non-Attendance
  8. Repeat this process for any additional students. 
  9. One you have selected the appropriate students to drop, click Submit Drops
    Note: All of the students you selected will then be displayed for a final check to ensure that they are the correct students. Please review this page carefully to avoid any mistakes
  10. To go back and make changes, click CANCEL Pending Drops. If all the information is correct, click SUBMIT Pending Drops
If you accidentally drop a student and need to re-enroll them in your course you must contact the WKU Office of the Registrar; there is no way to manually add them back from the instructor-side of TopNet without first contacting the WKU Office of the Registrar.  


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