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Information regarding Microsoft Edge browser submitting the wrong data in forms.
Information for students on what to do when they see a course they are not enrolled when they login to Blackboard.
Information on editing Blackboard Discussion Board posts.
Instructions for instructors on removing rosters from a course they didn't mean to put them in.
Information about changing incorrect information on file with WKU.
Instructions for instructors on how to resolve error with Lockdown browser exams.
Instructions on where to report incorrect information found on a WKU website.
Information about correcting an incorrect username or password error when logging into a computer.
Instructions for changing your department listed in the Global Address book for WKU.
Information on getting your display name changed with WKU.
Information on when a hyperlink doesn't direct to the expected website.
Information on what to do when a website doesn't display as you would have expected it to.
Instructions for when Online Interlibrary Loan system shows error: login credentials are incorrect.
Instructions for changing print settings on Outlook.