Manually Checking for Office Updates


How do I check for Microsoft software updates on my Mac?


  • macOS


Occasionally, the Microsoft Office Suite applications will have pending updates that have not auto-installed. This can cause unexpected performance from these applications, until updates are instlled.


You must have the latest version of the Microsoft AutoUpdate (MAU) in order to obtain the latest Office updates. Please use this Microsoft link to obtain the latest MAU download and install the program before continuing.
  1. Open Finder.
  2. Navigate to Macintosh HD  Library  Application Support  Microsoft  MAU2.0
  3. Run Microsoft AutoUpdate.
  4. Click Check for Updates.
  5. Click Install to install any updates.
  6. The AutoUpdate wizard will walk you through the installation process.
     Note: The user must be an Administrator or use TSS login credentials for WKU-Owned computers. 
  7. When the installation has finished, repeat steps 4-7 until no new updates are found.
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