Adding Students to Course Site


How do I add a student Course Section to a Blackboard Course Site?


  • Blackboard


  1. Log into Blackboard.
  2. Select the My WKU Bb tab.
  3. Select the ITS: Faculty Tools tab and log in.
  4. Click the Students tab.
  5. Select Add Student Sections option.
  6. Click the Select Term dropdown menu.
  7. Select the term of the site to which you want to add students.
  8. Click Submit.
  9. Click Add Students for the site where you with to add your student sections. 
  10. Check the Check Box for the correct Course Section.
    Note: If you need to enroll more than one student section in Blackboard, the courses must be cross-listed with eachother in TopNet by the WKU Office of the Registrar. The option to cross-list courses is strictly the decision of the WKU Office of the Registrar. Please contact their office for additional information, here.
  11. Click Submit.

Note: These changes won't be reflected until a Blackboard update is completed.


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