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Instructions on changing your voicemail message on your campus phone.
Instructions on how to create/change your voicemail PIN.
Instructions for dialing / transferring a call directly to voicemail.
Instructions for checking your voicemails from your WKU campus phone.
Instructions for creating an away greeting users will hear when directed to voicemail
Information about what Cisco phone system features are available and how to request them.
Instructions on setting voicemail attachments to open with VLC.
Information about resolving the following error message when checking voicemail: Your account is locked and cannot be opened. For help, contact your system administrator.
Instructions on archiving voicemail messages on Apple iOS.
Instructions for resolving an issue where all your calls automatically redirect to voicemail.
Explanation of where voicemail messages are stored after being received.
Instructions for setting voicemails to play inside of Outlook without having to download them separately.
Information on having a phone line disconnected.
Instructions on how to unlock your voicemail PIN if it has been locked from too many failed attempts.
Instructions on how to clear messages from the phone when receiving voicemail quota warning emails.