Recording iPhone/iPad Screen


How do I record my iPhone or iPad screen? When I try to use AirPlay mirroring or third-party screen recording software, it says the connection is blocked.


Third party programs that use AirPlay to mirror an iOS device screen to a computer will not work on WKU's network, because AirPlay is blocked for security reasons.


iPhone and iPad screens may be recorded by connecting them with a cable to a macOS computer.

  1. Plug in the iPhone or iPad to the Apple computer running macOS.
  2. Unlock the phone and trust the computer if prompted.
  3. Open Quicktime Player on the Mac.
  4. Click File, then click New Movie Recording.
  5. Click the  downward chevron next to the recording button.
  6. Choose the iPhone or iPad from the Camera section.
  7. If the iPhone or iPad is not listed, unplug the device and connect it again.
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