Articles about iOS devices.

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Adding Student Email Account (iOS)

Instructions for adding a student email account (TopperMail) to an iPhone or iPad.

Adding WKU Email (iOS)

Instructions for adding a WKU Account (Faculty/Staff email) to an iOS device.

Adding WKU Email to Outlook App (iOS)

Instructions for adding WKU Email to an iOS device using the Outlook for iOS app.

Archive Voicemail Messages

Instructions on archiving voicemail messages on Apple iOS.

Blocking Contact on iOS Devices

Instructions on how to block a contact on an iOS device.

Calendar not Syncing

Instructions for checking settings when your calendar is not syncing from iOS to Outlook calendar.

Changing Default Calendar

Instructions for changing the default calendar on iOS devices

Configuring Remote Assistance

Instructions for setting up iOS devices to be able to share the device's screen with a WKU ITS representative.

Deleted Emails Still Appearing

Instructions for removing cached email messages from iOS devices that have already been deleted on the server.

Deleting an Email Account on Mobile Device (iOS)

Instructions for how to delete an email account from an iOS (e.g., iPhone, iPad) device.

Deleting Apps (iOS)

Instructions for deleting applications on iOS mobile devices.

Email Account Not Syncing

Instructions for correcting email not syncing on iOS devices.

Enabling Touch ID

Instructions for enabling Touch ID on iOS devices that support Touch ID.

Events Created on Device Not Appearing in Outlook

Instructions on what to do when an event you add from your iPhone/iPad do not appear on your WKU Exchange calendar.

Filtering Messages by Unread (iOS)

Instructions for toggling the unread messages features in the built-in iOS mail app.

Finding an IP Address

Instructions on how to find an IP Address on an iOS device.

Finding MAC Address (iOS)

Instructions on how to find the MAC address of an iOS device.

Forgetting iOS Device Passcode

Information about what to do if the passcode to an iOS device is forgotten.

Fully Closing iOS Applications

Instructions for fully closing iOS applications.

Installing Apps

Instructions for installing apps on an iOS device.

iPhone Using More Data than Normal

Information on resolving an issue where your iOS 9 device is using more data than normal.

Managing Email Threads on Mobile Device

Instructions for enabling or disabling thread in Mail app in iOS device.

Manually Backing Up iOS Content to iCloud

Instructions for manually backing up iOS content to iCloud.

Preparing a WKU-Owned iPad for Use

Information regarding how to setup an iPad for departmental use.

Printing From an iOS Device

Information about printing from an iOS device.

Recording iPhone/iPad Screen

Instructions for recording an iPhone or iPad screen using a macOS computer.

Removing Activation Lock from WKU-Owned iPads

Information about unlocking a WKU-owned iPad after it has been locked by another employee.

Removing Device from Find My iPhone

Instructions for removing an Apple device from Find My iPhone.

Restarting an iPad / iPhone

Instructions on how to restart an iPad or iPhone.

Restoring to Factory Settings

Instructions on how to factory-reset an iOS device.

Saving a PDF

Instructions for saving a PDF for offline reading in iOS.

Toggling Do Not Disturb Mode

Instructions for turning Do Not Disturb mode on and off on iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches.

Transferring Content From an Old iOS Device

Information on setting up a new iOS device using content on an old iOS device.

Updating iOS

Instructions on how to install updates for iOS.

Updating Payment Information

Instructions for changing payment information for iTunes and App Store purchases on iOS devices.

Viewing Shared Calendar

Information about accessing shared calendars on an iOS device.