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Instructions for what to do when encountering a TLS error when using LockDown Browser.
Instructions on fixing the error stating that the LockDown Browser cannot launch due to Blacklisted Applications.
Instructions for allowing students to use specific websites while taking an exam via Respondus Lockdown Browser.
Information regarding LockDown Browser.
Instructions on resolving an expired license issue with the Respondus LockDown Browser.
Information regarding supported operating systems for the Respondus LockDown Browser.
Information about the Respondus LockDown Monitor for Blackboard exams.
Information regarding what to do if the LockDown Browser does not display all questions of a test / quiz.
Instructions on what to do when there is a LockDown Browser error displayed in Course Tools.
Information about if students can view test feedback for assessments in Blackboard that require the Respondus Lockdown Browser.
Instructions on what to do when Respondus Lockdown Browser displays Compatibility Mode Error.
Information regarding an exit password for the LockDown Browser.
Instructions for making test available only in the LockDown Browser.
Instruction on what to do when a Blackboard test repeatedly asks for a password.
Instructions for instructors on how to resolve error with Lockdown browser exams.