Adding Exchange Account to Outlook App (Android)


How do I setup my WKU Employee account?


  • Android Devices


This method makes your WKU Employee email, contacts, and calendar accessible in one app. If you prefer to have those items accessible in their dedicated apps, you can follow the steps to add your account through your phone's native email app or through the GMail app.
  1. Install the Microsoft Outlook for Android app.
  2. Tap OPEN.
  4. Enter your full email address (e.g.
  5. Tap CONTINUE .
  6. Reference the bottom of the screen to ensure ADVANCED SETTINGS are shown.
  7. In the Domain\Username field, enter ad\ followed by your NetID.
  8. Enter your NetID password.
  9. Provide a description to help you identify the account (e.g. WKU Work).
  10. Tap (Done).
  11. Tap SKIP when prompted to add another account.
  12. Swipe through the tutorial.
  13. Tap to access your account.
  14. By default only recent messages will appear. Tap LOAD MORE MESSAGES to see older ones.
  15. A warning message will appear:
    This action takes time, during which no new mail will be delivered to this folder on this device. Do this now?
  16. If you are on a fast connection, tap OK. Otherwise tap CANCEL and wait until a more convenient time.


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