Requests involving access and rights to Banner (e.g., advising tools, student worker accounts).

Services (11)

Activate Employee as Faculty for Scheduling

Do you need an employee to be activated or reactivated as a faculty member in Banner so he/she may be associated with course(s) he/she will teach?

Activate Faculty/Staff Advising Access

Do you need to have an employee activated as an advisor after they have completed AARC advising training?

Confirm Student Worker Account Access

Do you need to confirm your department’s existing student worker accounts in order to keep them active?

Create / Modify / Delete Access to Banner / TopNet / InfoView / DocImaging

Do you need an employee, student worker, or graduate assistant account created, modified, or deleted for Banner, TopNet, InfoView, or Document Imaging?

Create / Modify / Delete Slate Access

Do you need to remove or grant access to a user in Slate?

Deactivate Student Worker Accounts

Do you have a student worker that is ending employment with your department and you would like their accounts (e.g., AD groups, email, Banner) deactivated?

Modify Rights to Banner Index Number

Do you need to request changes to an employee’s access to a Banner Index Number?

Report New Banner Finance Index Number

Did you create a new index number in Banner Finance and need to report it to WKU IT?

Request Ellucian Training

Do you need to request Ellucian training?

Request Purchasing / Budget Approval Queue Modification

Do you need to change a purchase or budget approval queue?

Request Restricted Access

Do you need to request access to a restricted InfoView folder or report?