Articles about Windows 8.

Articles (9)

Bypassing the Log In Screen

Instructions for bypassing the login screen on Windows 8 computers.

Clearing Proxy Server Settings

Instructions for changing proxy settings on Windows 8 computers.

Creating a New User Profile

Instructions for creating a new user profile in Windows 8.

Disabling the Autolock Feature

Instructions on disabling the autolock feature in Windows 8.

Opening Installed Programs

Information on how to locate an installed program that does not have a shortcut on the desktop.

Printing from Reader

Instructions for printing from Windows 8's built-in reader.

Running a Scan with Windows Defender

Instructions on running a security scan with Windows Defender on Windows 8 devices.

Uninstalling a Program

Instructions on uninstalling a program in Windows 8.

Uninstalling Programs from the Windows Store

Instructions for uninstalling applications from the Windows Store within Windows 8.