Articles about to the IT Division Client Portal (TeamDynamix).

Articles (13)

Account Locked

Instructions on what to do when you get this error when logging into the Client Portal: "You are not authorized to access this application or your account has been locked."

Checking Status of Requests

Instructions on how to check the status of your submitted Service Catalog requests.

Customizing the Home Tab

Instructions for customizing the Home Tab of the WKU Client Portal.

Downloading an Attachment

Instructions on how to download ticket attachments through the client portal.

Editing your Profile

Information about editing your WKU Client Portal profile.

Redirected when Logging in

Instructions on what to do when you are redirected when trying to login to the Client Portal.

Searching for Articles

Instructions on how to search for articles in the WKU Knowledge Base.

Searching the Service Catalog

Instructions on how to search for services in the WKU Service Catalog.

Submitting a Service Catalog Request

Instructions on submitting a Service Catalog request.

Uploading Profile Picture

Instructions for uploading a profile picture to your Client Portal profile.

Using the Client Portal

Information about using the WKU Client Portal.

Using the Knowledge Base

Information about using the WKU Knowledge Base.

Using the Service Catalog

Information about using the Service Catalog in the WKU Client Portal.