Articles (10)

Adding a Mediasite Presentation to a Blackboard Course

Instructions for instructors on how to link to their Mediasite presentations within Blackboard.

Adding Links to Blackboard Ultra Courses

Instructions for adding URLs / links to Blackboard Ultra Course View Sites.

Attaching a File to an Item

Instructions for Instructors on how to attach file to an item in their course site.

Creating a Folder

Instructions on how to create a folder in Blackboard as an instructor.

Creating Link to Content Collection

Instructions for creating a link to Content Collection items on Blackboard.

Issues with Embedding YouTube Videos

Information regarding problems with embedding YouTube videos on Blackboard.

Moving an Item (Instructor)

Instructions on how to move an item in a Blackboard course that you manage.

Moving Content Items in Blackboard Ultra

Instructions for moving content items in a Blackboard Ultra course.

Time Zone for Availability Time Restrictions

Information regarding the Time Zone for the Blackboard servers.

Uploading a File to Course (Instructor)

Instructions for Instructors on how to upload a file to their Blackboard course.