Software & Programs

Articles about software and programs supported by WKU ITS. (e.g., Adobe Acrobat, Office 365, Microsoft Office, SPSS, SAS, Respondus, etc.)

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Adobe Acrobat

Articles about issues with Adobe Acrobat.


Articles about issues with the AppXtender software.

Microsoft Office

Articles about the Microsoft Office Suite programs.


Articles about the Mathematica program.

Office 365

Articles about the Microsoft Office 365 program (


Articles about the Respondus program.


Articles about the SAS software.


Articles about the SPSS software.

Symantec Endpoint Protection

Articles about the Symantec Endpoint Protection Program.

Web Browsers

Articles about issues with the web browsers Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer.


Articles about the ZOOM CallREC software.

Skype for Business / Lync

Articles about Skype for Business / Lync.

Articles (13)

Acrobat Failed to Connect to the DDE Server

Information about Adobe Reader displaying the following error: Fatal Error: Acrobat failed to connect to the DDE server.

Adobe Creative Cloud Prompting for Login on Lab / Classroom / Student Workstation

Instructions for logging into the Adobe Creative Cloud on a lab, classroom, or student workstation.

Adobe Reader Missing Save As Option

Information and instructions regarding Adobe Reader not having the option to select Save As when working with a document.

Converting Video Format (Movie Maker)

Instructions on how to convert a video file using Windows Live Movie Maker.

Enrolling into Azure Dev Tools for Teaching

Instructions for enrolling into Azure Dev Tools for Teaching.

Exporting Project as PDF

Instructions on how to save an InDesign project as a PDF file.

Installing ArcGIS

Information about installing ArcGIS on WKU-owned Windows machines.

Installing Citrix Receiver

Instructions for installing the Citrix receiver.

Installing Read&Write Gold for Windows

Instructions for installing Read&Write Gold for Windows from the Software Center.

Issues with Primavera

Information about getting support for Primavera.

Issues with Titanium

Information about installing and troubleshooting the Titanium Scheduling Software.

Logging into Adobe Spark

Instructions for logging into Adobe Spark.

Preparing for a Web Video Conference

Information on how to prepare for a web-based meeting.