Google Workspace for Education

Articles about the Google Workspace for Education systems at WKU (formerly G Suite).

Articles (12)

Cannot Edit Shared Google Document

Instructions on how to change Google Accounts.

Creating Comments in Google Docs

Instructions for making comments in a Google Doc.

Creating Spreadsheet in Google Sheets

Instructions for making a spreadsheet in Google Sheets.

Enabling 2-Step Verification for Google Workspace Accounts

Instructions for enabling Google Workspace 2-step verification.

Google Classroom Support

Information about who to contact for Google Classroom support.

Google Workspace Account Changes

Instructions for WKU personnel regarding changes made to Google services at WKU.

Logging into Google Workspace Account

Instructions for logging in to WKU-provisioned Google Workspace accounts.

Removing Quick Access from Google Drive

Instructions on how to disable Quick Access on Google Drive.

Reporting a Google Workspace Account Issue or Problem

Instructions for reporting a problem or issue with a Google Workspace for Education account.

Resetting a Google Workspace Password

Instructions for resetting a Google Workspace password through the WKU Accounts page.

Sharing Google Drive Files in Google Sites

Instructions on matching permissions between Google Drive and Google Sites.

Uploading File to Google Drive

Instructions for uploading a file to Google Drive.