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Can Not See Page Properties

Information regarding why you cannot see Page Properties.

Changing a Hero Image's Description

Instructions for changing the text (description) below a Hero Image on an OU Campus page.

Changing a Site Template

Information about how to change the template on an OU Campus site.

Changing an ORG Site's Color Scheme

Instructions on how to change an ORG site's color scheme

Changing TopNav Branding

Instructions for changing the TopNav branding on a page.

Creating a Promotable URL

Instructions on how to create a friendlier URL that can be used with promotional content/media or analytics.

Creating Button Links

Instructions for creating a button link inside of OU Campus.

Custom Search

Information on adding a custom search box to a page or site.

Editing Breadcrumbs in OU Campus

Instructions for adding or editing breadcrumbs in OU Campus.

Enabling Side Navigation

Instructions for enabling the sidenav on OU Campus pages.

Finding the Creation Status of Requested Site

Information about checking the status of the creation of an OU Campus site you have requested.

Gaining Access to Google Analytics

Information about gaining access to Google Analytics for OU Campus.

iframe Not Functioning Correctly

Information about iframes and embedded content on pages not displaying correctly.

Inserting Font Awesome into OU Campus Pages

Instructions for inserting Font Awesome into OU Campus pages.

Needing Assistance Creating Website Content

Information on where to get assistance with designing your OU Campus website.

Receiving Access Denied Error

Instructions on what to do when you receive an 'Access Denied' error message when logging into OU Campus.

Reverting a Migrated Page

Instructions to revert a page's template to a pre-migrated state, and back again.

Reverting a Migrated Page to Make Changes, Then Back Again

Instructions to revert a page's template to a pre-migrated state to make changes, then back again.

Turn on Notifications

Instructions for turning on a site-wide notification.