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Adding Additional Email Accounts to Outlook 2019 (macOS)

Instructions for adding additional accounts to Outlook on macOS.

Adding or Removing Delegate Access

Instructions for adding or removing a delegate in Outlook 2019 for macOS.

Adding Shared Calendars (Outlook for macOS)

Instructions for adding a shared calendar in Outlook 2019 on macOS computers.

Adding WKU Exchange Accounts to Outlook 2019 (macOS)

Instructions for adding an Exchange account to Outlook 2019 on macOS.

Clearing Outlook Cache

Instructions for resetting an account in Outlook for macOS.

Creating a New Outlook Profile / Identity for macOS

Instructions for creating a new Outlook profile / identity on macOS.

Creating an Email Signature (macOS)

Instructions on how to create an email signature in Outlook for Mac.

Enabling Contact Lists on Outlook (macOS)

Instructions on how to enable the creation of contact lists on Outlook for macOS.

Outlook Search Returns No Results

Instructions for rebuilding the Spotlight Index on a Mac when the search function no longer works properly.

Removing an Outlook Account (macOS)

Instructions for deleting an account from Outlook 2019 for macOS.

Toggling Outlook Sidebar Off and On

Instructions for toggling the sidebar off and on for Outlook 2019.