Articles (13)

Accessing McGraw-Hill Connect

Instructions for accessing McGraw-Hill Connect from Blackboard.

Accessing Pearson MyLabs via Blackboard

Information for resolving the 502 Bad Gateway error message when accessing the Pearson MyLab and Mastering Course Home.

Accessing WebAssign

Instructions for accessing McGraw-Hill WebAssign for Blackboard courses.

Adding an Extra Credit Question to an Exam

Instructions for creating extra credit Blackboard test questions.

Archiving a Course Site

Instructions for archiving a Blackboard course.

Blank Page Appearing When Accessing Cengage Learning

Information regarding what to do when a blank page appears when accessing Cengage Learning.

Creating a Contact Page

Instructions for creating a contact page in Blackboard.

Hiding the Bookshelf Tool

Instructions for hiding the Bookshelf Tool on Blackboard.

Importing and Exporting a Rubric

Instructions for exporting and importing a Blackboard rubric from one Blackboard course to another.

Making Pearson Tools Available

Instructions for making Pearson Tools available.

Making the Contacts Tool Available

Instructions for making the Contacts Tool available.

Making the WebAssign Tool Available

Instructions for making the WebAssign Tool available.

Organizing Assignments in the Calendar

Instructions for organizing Assignments in Blackboard's Calendar.