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Final Checks

Articles about the Omni CMS Final Check feature.  

If a page contains a Critical problem, the publish button will be disabled until it is repaired. Other problems will not prevent publish, but should also be reviewed and repaired if possible.

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Adding Gadgets to the Sidebar

Add gadgets to the sidebar to add additional functions when working in Omni CMS.

Can Not See Page Properties

Information regarding why you cannot see Page Properties in Omni CMS.

Changing a Hero Image's Description

Instructions for changing the text (description) below a Hero Image on an Omni CMS page.

Changing a Site's URL

Information on renaming an Omni CMS site.

Changing an ORG Site's Color Scheme

Instructions on how to change an ORG site's color scheme in Omni CMS.

Changing TopNav Branding

Instructions for changing the TopNav branding on a page in Omni CMS.

Creating a Promotable URL

Instructions on how to create a friendlier URL that can be used with promotional content/media or analytics.

Creating Button Links

Instructions for creating a button link inside of Omni CMS.

Custom Search

Information on adding a custom search box to a page or site.

Editing Breadcrumbs

Instructions for adding or editing breadcrumbs in Omni CMS.

Enabling Side Navigation

Instructions for enabling the sidenav on Omni CMS pages.

Finding the Creation Status of Requested Site

Information about checking the status of the creation of an Omni CMS site you have requested.

Form Element Validation

Instructions for validating text elements on form assets.

Gaining Access to Google Analytics

Information about gaining access to Google Analytics for Omni CMS.

iframe Not Functioning Correctly

Information about iframes and embedded content on pages not displaying correctly.

Inserting Font Awesome into Omni CMS Pages

Instructions for inserting Font Awesome into Omni CMS pages.

Managing Access Lists for a Site

How to review and manage who has access to a site in Omni CMS

Needing Assistance Creating Website Content

Information on where to get assistance with designing your Omni CMS website.

Omni CMS Form Submissions Not Emailing

Information about why submitted forms in Omni CMS may not be emailing.

Previewing Websites Without Omni CMS Access

Information about previewing Omni CMS pages without having Omni CMS access

Quality Control Check Messages

Information about Quality Control Check messages that display in Omni CMS and how to fix them.

Receiving Access Denied Error

Instructions on what to do when you receive an 'Access Denied' error message when logging into Omni CMS.

Turning on Notifications for Website

Instructions for turning on a site-wide notification in Omni CMS.