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Change Folder Pane Font Size

Information about changing the folder pane font size on Outlook 2016.

Configuring Inbox Rules (Outlook 2016 for Windows)

Instructions for creating an inbox rule for Outlook 2016 on Windows.

Delaying Delivery of an Email

Instructions on how to delay the delivery of an email in Outlook 2016.

Enabling To-Do Task List on Outlook Calendar

Instructions for enabling the to-do task bar for Outlook calendars in Outlook 2016.

Expanding and Collapsing Email Groups

Instructions for expanding and closing an email group in Outlook.

Images Not Loading

Instructions for enabling images to automatically download in Outlook 2016.

Messages Printing on the Wrong Paper Source

Instructions for forcing Outlook 2016 to use the correct paper source tray.

No Previewer Installed

Instructions for setting voicemails to play inside of Outlook without having to download them separately.

Outlook Crashes When Printing

Instructions for fixing a problem when Outlook 2016 crashes when trying to print.

Printing Goes Across Multiple Pages

Instructions for changing print settings on Outlook.

Recover Deleted Contact Groups

Instructions for recovering deleted contact groups.

Removing an Address from Auto-Complete List

Instructions for removing an address from auto-complete.

Resolving Text Size Issue

Instructions for changing the text size in Outlook 2016 on Windows.

Sending a Meeting Invite Without Responses

Instructions for sending a meeting invite without getting responses back.

Sending Duplicate Attachments

Instructions for removing the Adobe Send and Track Add-in which can cause corrupt email attachments.

Setting the Default Outlook Data File

Instructions on how to set the default Outlook data file.

Voicemail Not Opening

Instructions on setting voicemail attachments to open with VLC.