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Adding a Mashup in a Description

Instructions for adding a Mashup to a Discussion Board description.

Attaching a File to a Discussion Board Post

Instructions for attaching a file to a discussion board post in Blackboard.

Changing Layout

Instructions on viewing discussion board forum posts in tree or list view.

Changing Settings to for Creating New Threads

Instructions for instructors on changing settings to allow / disallow students from creating new threads on Discussion Board forums.

Creating a Discussion Board Forum

Instructions for creating a discussion board forum.

Creating a Post

Instructions on how to post to a Discussion Board in Blackboard.

Deleting a Discussion Board Post

Instructions on deleting a discussion board post on Blackboard as a student.

Discussion Board Post Missing in the Collection Feed

Information on Unread posts in the Blackboard Discussion Board.

Discussion Board Submission Error

Instructions on resolving an issue where a Blackboard discussion board submission won't save.

Editing a Discussion Board Post

Information on editing Blackboard Discussion Board posts.

Editing a Draft Post

Instructions on how to edit a discussion board draft in Blackboard.

Editing Discussion Board Forums

Instructions for editing a discussion board forum.

Embedding Image Post

Instructions for embedding an image in a discussion board post.

Inserting a Link in a Discussion Board Post

Instructions for inserting a link into a discussion board post.

Locking or Unlocking a Discussion Board Forum

Instructions for instructors to unlock or lock a Blackboard discussion board forum.

Making Discussion Board Available

Instructions for hiding / showing Blackboard discussions.

Missing Discussion Board Posts

Instructions on what to do when you are missing discussion board posts and it displays "No items found".

Missing Post

Information regarding missing posts on Blackboard discussion board.

Not Receiving Subscription Email Notifications

Information regarding not receiving subscription email notifications from Blackboard.

Printing Discussion Board Posts

Instructions for printing Blackboard Discussion Board posts.

Removing Duplicate Discussion Board Threads

Instructions for removing duplicate discussion board threads.

Sorting Forums

Instructions for sorting forums in Blackboard.

Submitting a Draft Post

Instructions for submitting a discussion board draft post in Blackboard.

Subscribing/Unsubscribing to Posts

Instructions on how to subscribe or unsubscribe to a discussion board in Blackboard.

Viewing Total Discussion Board Posts by Student

Instructions for instructors on viewing the total number of discussion board posts by a student on Blackboard.