Articles (23)

Adding a Shared Contact Group to Contacts

Instructions on how to add a shared contacts group to your own contacts.

Adding Exchange Account

Instructions for adding an Exchange account in Outlook 2019.

Adding Secondary Exchange Accounts (Outlook 2019)

Instructions for adding a secondary Exchange account to Outlook 2019 on Windows.

Adding Shared Calendars (Outlook 2019 Windows)

Instructions for viewing shared calendars for Outlook 2019 on a Windows computer.

Adding TopperMail Account (Outlook 2019)

Instructions for adding a TopperMail account to Outlook 2019.

Applying View Settings to All Mail Folders (Outlook 2019 Windows)

Instructions for applying the same view settings to all mail folders in Outlook 2019.

Assigning Delegate / Sharing Access to Calendar

Information on how to share a personal calendar with a coworker in Outlook 2019 for Windows.

Cannot Send Messages from Shared Mailbox

Information about sending emails from shared mailbox accounts migrated to Microsoft 365.

Clearing Cache in Outlook

Instructions for clearing the cache in Outlook.

Configuring Delegates to Receive Meeting Responses

Instructions for configuring Outlook 2019 in Windows to notify Exchange calendar delegates of meeting responses.

Converting an Appointment to a Meeting

Instructions on how to convert an appointment to a meeting in Outlook.

Creating a New Outlook Profile

Instructions for creating a new Outlook profile.

Creating Local Folders in Outlook 2019 (Windows)

Instruction for creating local folders in Outlook 2019 on a Windows computer.

Enabling HTML Images and Content in Email Messages

Instructions for enabling HTML-rich content such as images and links within email messages that are received in Outlook 2019.

Inbox Rules Not Transferred After Upgrade

Information on how to re-enable inbox rules after upgrading to Outlook 2019.

Manually Syncing Email

How to manually sync an unpopulated mailbox in Outlook.

Print Double Sided Outlook 2019 (Windows)

Instructions for printing double sided from Outlook 2019 for Windows.

Removing a Subscription Calendar from Outlook

Instructions for removing a subscription calendar from Outlook.

Removing an Email Account

Instructions for removing an account from Outlook 2019 (Windows).

Resetting Default Outlook Views (Outlook 2019 Windows)

Instructions for resetting the default folder view on Outlook 2019.

Sending Mail with Mail Merge from Multiple Accounts

Instructions for selecting which account from which to send Mail Merge messages if there is more than one account in Outlook.

Showing Both Start and End Times for Outlook Calendar Appointments

Instructions for enabling start and end times in Outlook calendar.

Toggling Work Offline Mode

Instructions for toggling Work Offline mode in Outlook.