Articles about issues with Adobe Acrobat.

Articles (41)

Acrobat Error 28000

Instructions and information regarding error 28000 when opening Adobe Acrobat.

Acrobat Failed to Connect to the DDE Server

Information about Adobe Reader displaying the following error: Fatal Error: Acrobat failed to connect to the DDE server.

Adobe Acrobat Pro Not Opening

Instructions for re-activating/re-installing Adobe Acrobat/Creative Suite when Acrobat will not open.

Adobe AcroCEF.exe Repair

This article explains how to repair an Adobe Acrobat Reader AcroCEF.exe error.

Adobe Reader Missing Save As Option

Information and instructions regarding Adobe Reader not having the option to select Save As when working with a document.

Cannot Play Audio Files in PDF

Instructions for correcting Adobe Reader not playing audio files linked within a PDF document.

Cannot Print Error

Information about the Cannot Print error in Adobe Reader.

Cannot Submit PDF Form

Instructions on submitting a PDF from via Google Chrome.

Change Adobe Acrobat's Font

Instructions for changing the font in Adobe Acrobat.

Changing a Signed PDF

Information regarding changing a signed PDF.

Combining Files Into One PDF

Information on how to join multiple files as one PDF using Adobe Acrobat Standard/Pro.

Converting a PDF Into Another Format

Instructions for converting a PDF into another file format in Adobe Acrobat Pro.

Creating a Blank PDF

Instructions on how to create a blank PDF in Adobe Acrobat DC.

Editing Hyperlinks

Instructions for editing links in a PDF.

Enabling Signatures for Adobe Reader

Instructions for turning on the ability to sign PDFs in Adobe Reader.

Encountering Error 1310 When Installing Adobe Acrobat

Instructions for what to do when encountering error 1310 when installing Adobe Acrobat.

Experiencing "A Number Is Out of Range" Error

Instructions on how to resolve the "Error: A number is out of range while viewing PDF or deleting pages from a PDF" in Adobe Acrobat

Incorrectly Printing on Both Sides (macOS)

Instructions for fixing an issue where a PDF from Adobe Acrobat should print single-sided and instead it prints double-sided.

Installation Problem: IMS Lib Not Found Error

Instructions for correcting the error Installation Problem: IMS lib not found when opening Adobe Acrobat.

Installing Adobe Reader

Instructions for installing Adobe Reader.

Issues Signing PDF

Information about problems signing a PDF.

License Agreement Error When Opening PDFs (macOS)

Information about resolving the license agreement error that can appear on Macs when opening PDFs in a web browser.

Links Not Opening From Submitted Graduate School Application

Information about links from an application to the Graduate School of WKU not opening.

No Pages Selected Printing Error

Information about receiving an error stating no pages were selected when printing from Adobe Acrobat.

Opening a Corrupted PDF

Information about opening a corrupted PDF.

Opening to a Specific Page

Instructions on choosing the initial view page in Adobe Pro.

Printing a PDF

Instructions for printing a PDF in Adobe Acrobat.

Printing a Protected PDF File

Information about printing protected PDF files.

Printing Document and Markups

Instructions for printing a document and its markups from Adobe Reader.

Printing PDFs As An Image

Instructions on how to print a .pdf file as an image.

Printing with Comments

Instructions on how to print a PDF with comments in Adobe Reader.

Recovering a Self-Signed Digital Certificate Password

Information regarding recovering a self-signed digital certificate password.

Reducing Size of a PDF

Instructions on reducing the size of a PDF file.

Running a Repair (Windows)

Instructions for running a repair of Adobe Acrobat.

Saving PDF Instead of Printing

Instructions on how to stop Adobe Acrobat X from saving a PDF instead of printing it when you select to print.

Signature Field Appears Unsigned

Information regarding problems after signing a document with Fill & Sign features in Adobe Reader.

Signing a PDF

Instructions for signing a PDF file with Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat Pro.

Uninstalling Adobe Reader (macOS)

Instructions for uninstalling Adobe Reader from macOS.

Updating Adobe Acrobat

Instructions for updating Adobe Acrobat.

Using the Highlight Tool

Instructions for using the Highlight Tool in Adobe Acrobat.

Viewing PDFs in Web Browser

Instructions on how to change default PDF document opening behavior within web browsers.