WKU Systems

Articles about WKU systems. (e.g., Blackboard, Library, TopNet, myWKU, Banner, OU Campus, etc.)

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Active Directory

Articles about the WKU Active Directory (AD) system.

Adobe Connect Pro

Articles about the accounts of the WKU Adobe Connect Pro system.


Articles about the WKU Banner system (https://banner.wku.edu).


Articles about the WKU Blackboard system ( https://blackboard.wku.edu ).

Cisco AnyConnect VPN

Articles about the WKU Cisco AnyConnect VPN system.

Cisco Jabber

Articles about the Cisco Jabber program.

Client Portal (TeamDynamix)

Articles about to the IT Division Client Portal (TeamDynamix).


Articles about the CPDOnline Blackboard system (https://wku.blackboard.com/).


Articles about the Duo authentication system ( https://www.wku.edu/its/duo/ ).

E-Signature Forms

Articles about the WKU E-Signature forms system ( https://intranet.wku.edu/php/prod/wkuforms/sour... ) .


Articles about the InfoView reporting system.

Interview Exchange

Articles about the Interview Exchange system. (https://sso.interviewexchange.com/)

Library Systems

Articles about the WKU Library systems (e.g., One-Search Library Catalog, ILL, TIPASA).


Articles about Mediasite lecture capture system. ( https://mediasite.wku.edu/mediasite/mymediasite )


Articles about the myWKU system (https://my.wku.edu).

Google G Suite

Articles about the Google G Suite systems at WKU.

OU Campus

Articles about the OU Campus system.


Articles about the WKU MyStuff system ( https://mystuff.wku.edu ).

People Space Server

Articles about the People Space Server ( https://www.wku.edu/its/websites/ ).


Articles about the Qualtrics system ( https://www.wku.edu/it/survey/ ).


Articles about the WKU TopNet system (https://topnet.wku.edu).

Articles (8)

Accessing Digital Measures

Instructions for accessing Digital Measures.

Accessing Swipeable Events Attendance History

Instructions on how to run reports in Digital Measures.

Accessing WKU Study Board

Information regarding WKU Study Board, supported by Sona Systems.

Adding a User to a Blog Site

Instructions on adding a user to a blog.wku.edu site.

Gaining Access to MOA (Memoranda of Agreement) System

Information about requesting access to the MOA (Memoranda of Agreement) System.

Google Classroom Support

Information about who to contact for Google Classroom support.

Recommended Internet Connection Speed

Information on the connection types and speeds recommended for online courses.

Requesting a Web Apps Folder

Instructions for requesting space on the Web Apps server