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Accessing Mediasite

Instructions on accessing MediaSite from Blackboard.

Accessing Mediasite Training

Instructions for enrolling into Mediasite online training through Blackboard.

Capturing a Portion of the Screen

Instructions on how to capture and record only a portion of your screen using Mediasite.

Checking Mediasite Quota

Instructions for checking your Mediasite quota.

Could Not Register MediaSite Desktop Recorder

Instructions for receiving the error: Mediasite Desktop Recorder cannot be registered. Ensure that your profile has been validated.

Desktop Recorder Presentation Not Available

Instructions for re-uploading a presentation that did not upload correctly.

Downloading Mediasite Recordings

Instructions for downloading a Mediasite video.

Error 1925 Insufficient Privileges to Install for All Users

Information regarding when installing the Mediasite Desktop Recorder, Error 1925 is displayed saying that the current user does not have the privileges needed to install the software.

How to Uninstall Mediasite Desktop Recorder

Instructions to uninstall the Mediasite Desktop Recorder (MDR).

Making a Mediasite Recording Downloadable

Instructions for making your own Mediasite recordings downloadable as either standalone mp4 videos or full-featured Publish to Go presentations.

Making Recordings Available Outside of Blackboard

Instructions for instructors to share a Mediasite recording on a website or with people not affiliated with WKU.

Mediasite Crashes When Recording

Information about Mediasite crashing on macOS computers when trying to record.

Mediasite Desktop Recorder Compatibility Error

Information about Mediasite displaying an error message that Windows 7 or later is required, even when Windows 7 or later is used.

Mediasite Recordings Redirecting to Blackboard Home

Instructions for fixing Mediasite links that redirect in Blackboard.

Missing Control Panel in Training

Information about the missing Control Panel in Mediasite training course.

Offline Recording with Mediasite

Instructions for recording with Mediasite without an internet connection.

Reached Mediasite Quota Limit

Information on what to do if you have reached your Mediasite quota and are unable to create new presentations.

Receiving Could Not Connect Error

Instructions on what to do when you receive the following error message when using the Mediasite recorder: "Could not connect to Mediasite Desktop Recorder service. The application will begin as soon as service is responding."

Receiving Presentation Unavailable Error

Instructions on what to do when you receive the error "Mediasite Player: The requested presentation is currently unavailable. Please try again later. Contact the system administrator if the problem persists." when trying to view a Mediasite presentation from a URL.

Receiving Service Connection Error

Instructions for restarting the Mediasite Desktop Recorder service on Windows computers.

Registering the Desktop Recorder

Instructions on registering the Mediasite Desktop Recorder after installing it.

Removing a Mediasite Presentation

Instructions on how to delete a Mediasite presentation.

Reporting a Problem with Mediasite

Information about obtaining assistance with Mediasite.

Requesting a Catalog

Information on how to request the creation of a Mediasite catalog.

Saving a Frame of a Presentation

Information about capturing a single frame of a Mediasite presentation.

Sharing a Presentation

Instructions for on how to share Mediasite recordings.

Troubleshooting Webcam Issues when Recording

Information about what to do if you are having issues with your webcam when recording through Mediasite.

Uploading a Pre-Recorded Video

Instructions on how to upload a video recorded outside of the Desktop Recorder to Mediasite.

Uploading a Video (Instructor)

Instructions for instructors on how to upload videos into MediaSite.

Using Quicktime to Make Mediasite Recordings in macOS Catalina

Instructions for using QuickTime Player to make a screen recording for Mediasite.

Viewing Requirements

Information on the viewing requirements for Mediasite.

Webcam Video Not Displayed

Information as to why the webcam video is hidden while screencasts are being recorded.

Your Playback Ticket is Not Valid for this Session

Instructions for enabling Google Chrome to play Mediasite recordings when the error "Your playback ticket is not valid for this session" is displayed as an error message.