Articles about using Outlook Web Access.

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Adding A Profile Photo in OWA

Instructions for adding a profile photo to WKU Email in OWA.

Allowing Text Formatting in OWA

Instructions on how to use text formatting in OWA messages.

Attached File is Being Used Error

Information about receiving an error that a file is being used when trying to attach it.

Attachments Are Not Displaying In OWA

Instructions for clearing web browser cache when attachments will not display properly in OWA.

Automatically Adding Signature

Instructions for automatically including email signature(s) on new messages and reply messages within OWA.

Changing Reply Default Settings

Instructions for changing default reply settings in OWA.

Changing the Default Font and Size (OWA)

Instructions on how to edit the font and size of font in OWA

Checking Inbox Size

Instructions for checking email quota / storage limits.

Creating a Contact List

Instructions for creating a Contact List in OWA.

Creating Automatic Replies

Instructions for creating automatic replies, also known as vacation or out of office messages, in OWA (Outlook Web Access).

Creating Email Signature (OWA)

Information for creating an email signature in OWA.

Creating Folders

Instructions for creating a new folder on Outlook Web Access (OWA).

Deleting an Email (OWA)

Instructions for deleting an email in OWA.

Deleting Recurring Events

Instructions for removing recurring events from an OWA calendar.

Disabling Conversations in OWA

Instructions for turning off Conversation View in OWA.

Disabling Notification Sounds

Instructions for disabling notification sounds in OWA.

Displaying Message Dates in Outlook Web Access

Information about how email time stamps are displayed in the message list in TopperMail OWA.

Downloading an Attachment

Instructions for saving an attachment from OWA.

Downloading Attachments Error

Instructions for when you get error, "You don't have permission to download attachments." when trying to download attachments in OWA.

Enabling Compact View on Outlook Web Access (OWA)

Instructions for enabling Compact View in OWA.

Enabling Light Version (OWA)

Instructions on how to enable the light version on Outlook Web Access (OWA).

Extending the Automatic Logout Time

Information on OWA's automatic log out schedule.

Finding Contact Lists

Instructions for finding contact lists in OWA.

Finding WKU Email Addresses in the Global Address List

Instructions and information about looking up WKU addresses in the Global Address List.

Forwarding or Replying To a Message (OWA)

Replying to a message or forwarding a message in Outlook Web Access on Exchange 2016.

Hiding and Showing Folders (OWA)

Instructions for hiding or showing folders in OWA.

Logging in to Faculty/Staff Email

Instructions for logging in to Faculty and Staff Email account through Outlook Web Access.

Managing Email Addresses in Blocked Senders List

Instructions for adding or removing a sender in the blocked senders and domains list.

Managing Folders in OWA

Instructions on renaming, deleting, or moving a folder in TopperMail.

Marking Email as Not Junk

Instructions on how to mark an email as not junk in OWA.

Mass Deleting Emails in Inbox

Instructions for mass deleting Exchange emails from your inbox.

Messages Encrypted When Using Outlook Web Access

Instructions for enabling or disabling email encryption with OWA.

Moving Messages and Folders

Instructions for moving messages and folders while logged in to your Exchange email in Outlook Web Access (OWA).

Not Receiving Emails

Instructions on what to do when you notice you are no longer receiving emails to your WKU email account.

Outlook Loading Other Account

Information about Outlook Web Access (OWA) loading a non-WKU account when clicking a link to navigate to the account.

OWA Redirects to Blank Page

Instructions on what you want to if OWA redirects to a blank page when you try to access it.

Printing an Email

Instructions for printing an email from OWA.

Removing Email Signatures

Instructions for removing signatures in OWA.

Removing Event from Calendar

Instructions for removing a calendar item from OWA.

Removing Rules (OWA)

Instructions for deleting a rule in OWA.

Requesting a Delivery or Read Receipt

Instructions to request a delivery or read receipt while sending a message in OWA.

Re-Sorting Mail in OWA Inbox

Instructions for sorting mail in OWA.

Searching for Messages in OWA

Instructions for searching for messages in OWA.

Selecting Multiple Messages

Instructions for selecting multiple emails at a time.

Sending an Email Later

Instructions for delaying the sending of an email until a later date or time.

Sending Attachments

Instructions on sending attachments through the Outlook Web App.

Setting Default Preference for Sending Attachments

Instructions for setting default preference of sending attachments via OWA.

Sharing Personal Exchange Calendars (OWA)

Instructions on how to share a calendar with another WKU email account in OWA.

Toggling the Reading Pane (OWA)

Instructions for turning on or off the reading pane in OWA.

Using Blind Carbon Copy (Bcc) Feature

Instructions for using the Blind Carbon Copy (Bcc) feature in OWA.

Viewing Calendar Online Through OWA

Instructions for viewing a WKU email account calendar online.